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Bespoke Log Cabins
We Realise That It Is Not Always Feasible For You To Do It Yourself So We Offer A Full Log Cabin Installation Service
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How to build, it childs play

BIGGER Is Better...

In a world obsessed with profit, many Log Cabin design specifications and their structural timbers have been greatly diminished. Sadly many companies offer you the very basic to start with and then try to up sell you with very costly upgrades. This in its self is not new, however when you drastically cut down the amount of timber used to manufacturer a cabin over profit, safety issues need to be addressed.

There is no such thing as a strong, tough, durable, 19mm floor. I am sure there are other quotations used to describe this timber thickness, it is what it is, a roof board. It is not a material thickness for flooring. Also it is not thick enough to manufacture a building from. It is designed to allow the roof to be covered. For this purpose it is perfect.

www.uk-logcabins.co.uk use 28mm standard economy flooring. with 70mm x 45mm impregnated floor bearers. This is adequate quality economy flooring. Do not settle for less.

The dreaded subject of windows and doors, this is a subject many manufacturers do not want us to broach. However it needs to be told as standards in this industry are sadly so poor someone needs to raise the issue.

Windows and Doors are the most used and abused part of any Log Cabin. Because of this we feel the need to manufacture quality Windows and Doors.

Understanding the fundamentals of Cabin design and structural integrity we have designed Quality Tilt and Turn Double Glazed Windows, and Matching Doors. The reason we mention matching doors is because most companies will use thicker glass on the window and a slimmer cheaper/lighter unit in the door. This means that their frame work of the door can be used for the 28mm budget range Log Cabin. 99.9% of companies out there do this.

uk-logcabins.co.uk does not practice this imbecilic method of selling. As a manufacturer we feel we must push our quality into the market and keep to certain guide lines and Price points. All our Tilt and Turn Windows come as standard with all 44mm / 70 mm Log Cabins have CE approved 24mm Double Glazed Glass packages.

As we all  know the expression of Keeping the roof over our head! This is a very sad and sorry problem for most Log Cabin Suppliers. When you have a span of say 5 meters by 5 meters, a single purlin of 45mm x 150mm ( roof beams) is just not going to work. It will bend, twist, and sag! Most companies Brag that they have 45mm x 150mm in a normal 45mm 5mx 5m Log Cabin, shouting that this is the thickest in the industry etc. Or they shout that they have a 90mm x 15Omm purlin. You may ask yourself why we comment, well both these purlin will in time sag! Which means that the cabin roof will sag. Sagging can lead to a Log Cabin collapsing. Also be careful if the cabin company you are thinking of buying from sets the purlin in at an angle on the apex, not vertical but at a 53 degree angle, as this means only half the purlin is bearing weight.

All our Purlin are set in at 90 degrees on the apex. All our purlin's are 45mm x 250mm and they are manufactured from slow grown spruce, they are constructed from 2 Quality logs with different direction grains making them incredibly strong screwed and glued. This dedication to detail means our Log cabins are without doubt the best money can buy in the UK. Do not settle for less. Speak to the guys that understand Log Cabins and the finer details of manufacturing.

Dwellings and Buildings
There are different types of dwellings used by people all over the world. And through the years people are becoming more and more creative in designing and coming up with new models and ideas for houses and a variety of structures. Aside from the regular houses and the common buildings and structures that people are familiar with, there are some constructions these days that people make use of.
One of the many constructions that people are very keen on are garden offices. This is a very smart idea and very cost-effective as well. Garden offices are just small and usually built just outside the residence to be made into an office for those people who have home-based jobs. This kind of office is also very useful for those who have small businesses but want to save money from paying huge rents from buildings found downtown and other overheads.
These garden offices started and are very popular in the United Kingdom and it is now a very big hit elsewhere since it was put together less than a decade ago. People in the UK wanted to cut down a big chunk of money from their budget from paying insurmountable amount of office rentals that is why they came up with this idea. Other terms used for a garden office are home office, garden studio and shedworking.
A garden office should not be confused with a garden building, since a garden building can be any constructions done inside the garden or the backyard. A garden office is a very good example of a garden building, gazeboes, sheds and other things erected within the garden is considered a garden building.
Though log cabins have been utilized by people for years now, there is a growing demand for people to have their own log cabin just recently. Some people want to have a log cabin where they can rest during vacation time and some want to have one where they can just hang out with a couple of friends just to while away time or have some small get-togethers.
A log cabin though should not be confused with a log house since a log cabin is smaller and much simpler than a log house.
Timber buildings on the other hand are dwellings with frames made of timber. Some areas of the timber building are also used of the same materials. This kind of structure is known to be very sturdy and long-lasting.
These are just few of the dwellings and other buildings that people love to reside and utilize these days. And as the days passed more and more styles are coming up and are becoming more functional and tasteful than the previous designs